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Pupil is a trophy I designed for the Keep An Eye Foundation. 


I  am moved by how really small things can amaze as much as big things. In the case of an artist a tiney element can give inspiration to create an amazing experience for the spectator. Only really talented people pick up these precious, almost invisible ideas. These people are the ones that deserve to win the keep an eye trophy.


The trophy exists out of 3 elements. The magnefier, that magnefies the smallest idea visible for the common eye. The tiger eye stone, which stands for the brain of the talent. And the chain that connects these 2 elements. In the tiger eye stone is the word 'winner' ingraved, only visible if you hold the magnefier in fornt of the stone.


The trophy is based on the shape of a pocket watch. Ment to be worn like a medal. The pupil carrys magnets in the brass ring to clamb the magnefier on the tiger eye stone and A strong magnet on the back of the trophy gives the opportiunity to clamb the trophy on your shest. 


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